How to get a boat to Vila do Abraão

Ilha Grande is only accessible by boat, and the two major departure points for taking boats to Vila do Abraao on Ilha Grande are:

Located a 2-hour drive south from Rio de Janeiro, the small coastal town of Conceição de Jacareí is the closest place to take a boat to Ilha Grande if you are coming from Rio. While Angra dos Reis is the closest boat departure point if coming from Sao Paulo.

boat to Vila do Abraão
Boat trip to Abraão beach, Ilha Grande

Where is Vila do Abraão?

Vila do Abraão is considered the most important village on Ilha Grande, a destination located in Angra dos Reis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  Most of the boats which bring people to the island drop people at the main pier of the village.

Vila do Abraão, in Ilha Grande, is located in a cove (a small bay located on a coast of the sea), and, due to its privileged location, it is the largest urbanized point on the island. Its population is only 3 thousand inhabitants, and its infrastructure features mini-markets, bars, restaurants, and local shops that allow visitors to have a comfortable, simple, and relaxing stay.


Getting to Vila do Abraão by boat

If you can get to Conceição de Jacareí or Angra dos Reis, then you can find boats to Vila do Abraão. Read on to discover the best way to find these boats from these two towns.
getting to Conceição de Jacareí

From Conceição de Jacareí to Vila do Abraão

The fast boats from Travessia Ilha Grande depart for Vila do Abraão several times a day. Click on the following link to discover the schedules for boats from Conceição de Jacareí.

Book your ticket online and meet our team on the tourist pier of Conceição de Jacareí for the 15 – 25 minute boat ride to the pier on the beach of Vila do Abraão, on Ilha Grande. Boats departing from this port have the least travel time because Conceição de Jacareí is the closest point on the continent to Vila do Abraão.

Boat to Vila do Abraao
Transfers to Vila do Abraão

If you are going to Vila do Abraão from Rio de Janeiro or Paraty, you can count on our transfer service to get you there safely & conveniently. There are several daily transfers that circulate in Rio on several routes through central and the southern zone neighborhoods. You may be picked up from airports, apartments, and hotels of Rio de Janeiro city and from central Paraty and Jabaquara.

Transfer from Rio to Conceicao de Jacarei

Transfer Paraty to Conceicao de Jacarei


From Angra dos Reis to Vila do Abraão

The fast boats from Angra dos Reis to Vila do Abraao depart from the central wharf of the city, called the Estação Santa Luzia pier. There is a small building in front of the pier where you wait for the boat departure, and also features a Tourist Information Center if you have any doubts.

From Angra dos Reis, the journey time to Vila do Abraao is around 30 to 40 minutes, and the boat travels in calm waters which are sheltered between the island of Ilha Grande and the mainland.

Pre-book your ticket online and then present yourself on the Angra dos Reis pier at least 20 minutes before the boat’s scheduled departure.  At the following link, you can find the Angra dos Reis departure times on the homepage of this website, or click on the banner below to make your reservation.


Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande boat

Why Vila do Abraão is the best area to stay on Ilha grande

Traveling to Vila do Abraão, in Ilha Grande, is a dream for many. That’s because from there you can access more than a hundred stunning beaches, and it is the perfect village to rest and connect with nature.

It is recommended to stay in Abraão on Ilha Grande simply because it is the principal town of the island, where you will find 90% of the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, bars, and nightlife.  Most of the boats from the mainland also arrive at Abraão, and because there are no cars or roads on Ilha Grande which can take you to other areas of the island, it makes sense to stay within walking distance from the main pier.

Vila do Abraão

Vila do Abraão is also the location where daily boats and tours depart to visit other parts of the island, but when you are not out exploring, Abraão is the best area to stay during your visit to Ilha Grande because there is more to do, especially at night.  If you want to get away from crowds there are also wonderful pousadas just outside the town which are in quiet and beautiful areas, as well as a quick boat ride to town when you need something.