Ilha Grande Boat Schedules

Daily speed boat depart from Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão on Ilha Grande. Here you can find schedules for boats to Ilha Grande and the returns.

Departing Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão

TimeDurationPrice from:
11:00h25 minR$ 35,00
15:00h25 minR$ 35,00
18:00h25 minR$ 35,00

Departing Abraão to Conceição de Jacareí

TimeDurationPrice from:
10:00h25 minR$ 35,00
14:00h25 minR$ 35,00
17:00h25 minR$ 35,00

Why cross from Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão Ilha Grande by Boat?

If you are staying in Vila do Abraão then the best place to take the boat to Ilha Grande is from Conceição de Jacarei for the following reasons.

Nearest & Cheapest Port

Conceição de Jacarei is the closest port on the mainland to the island and therefore the principal gateway to Vila do Abraão because boats take the least time to cross to Ilha Grande.  Because of the close proximity, crossing to Ilha Grande from Conceição de Jacareí is also cheaper than if you made the journey from the alternative ports of Angra dos Reis or Managatiba.

Close to the Highway

Another advantage of crossing from Conceição de Jacarei to Ilha Grande by boat is that the pier is just off the highway.  This means you can avoid the city traffic of Angra dos Reis and Managatiba, and instead just turn off the BR101 highway at Conceição de Jacare and you are already at the pier where our boats depart.  There are also plenty of safe parking available where you can leave your car while you visit the island.

More Boat Departures

Compared to the alternative ports of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis, there is more than double the number of boats departing from Conceição de Jacarei to Ilha Grande during the day than those other ports combined.  Even if you miss the boat departure you were hoping to take, don ́t worry, another boat will be departing soon, and if you pre-purchased your ticket with us, you can use the same ticket for the next boat.

Our Fast Boats to Ilha Grande

The boats used for the Ilha Grande crossing are FlexBoats, which are known for their stability, safety, speed and they also have the ability to ferry large numbers of people safely and comfortably. A Flex boat has inflatable tubes along the sides of the boat, and together with a solid fiberglass hull, the hydrodynamics of this combination allows us to offer a fast crossing to Ilha Grande while at the same time a smooth ride.

Serious Safety

Because of their high levels of buoyancy and low center of gravity Flex boats are virtually impossible to capsize. Even a puncture of the inflatable sides would not sink a Flex boat because the hulls float unassisted. Our sailors have years of experience and the boats have life jackets for every passenger.

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