Where is the best place to stay on Ilha Grande?

You’ve planned how to get to Ilha Grande and how long you will stay on the island, so now you are ready to pack! But do you know where on Ilha Grande you will stay yet? We will explain the best places to stay on Ilha Grande and you will also learn:

  • Vila do Abraão: is it worth staying on that part of the island?
  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts (pousadas), and Campings – what is the ideal option for your pocket?
  • Praia do Abraão, Abraãozinho, and Aventureiro – what are the other options for accommodation on Ilha Grande?

Below, you can find some information that can help you plan the best place to stay in this paradisiacal destination.


Where to stay on Ilha Grande?

Our recommendation is that you stay in Abraão, on Ilha Grande, simply because it is the main city on the island, where you will find 90% of the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, bars, and nightlife.


In addition, Vila do Abraão is the best place to stay in Ilha Grande because:

  • most boats from the mainland arrive at Abraão and because there are no cars or roads on Ilha Grande to take you to other areas of the island, it makes sense to stay within walking distance of the main pier;
  • Abraão is also the place where boats and daily tours depart to visit other parts of the island;
  • even when you’re not exploring, Abraão is the best area to stay during your visit to Ilha Grande, because there is more to do, especially at night if bars, restaurants, and parties are part of your interests when traveling.

If you want to escape the crowd, there are also wonderful pousadas on the outskirts of the Abraão, which are in beautiful and peaceful areas, but also only accessible by boat. In that case, you will need to take a quick boat ride into town if you need anything.

Places to stay on Ilha Grande

Below, you will find some tips on accommodation located in Vila do Abraão and surroundings.


Ilha Grande Bed & Breakfasts and Hostels

‘Bed & Breakfasts’ are very popular in Brazil, and they are called ‘pousadas’ in Portuguese. For those traveling with family or with children, the pousadas on Ilha Grande may be the best option, due to the structure and additional services offered. Those who are traveling with friends, in couples or even without company, can opt for the different options of hostels.

The pousadas and hostels are more affordable, ranging from R$ 150 to R$ 450 on average per day for a couple with breakfast (remember that the values change according to the season chosen to visit the island).

Below, you will find a selection of some accommodation options to help you decide the best place to stay on Ilha Grande.

 Pousadas on Ilha Grande

Hostels on Ilha Grande

 Where to Camp on Ilha Grande

If you are more adventurous and outdoorsy, camping may be a good choice. Check out some camping options in Abraão, Ilha Grande, and the region.

The average cost for campsites on Ilha Grande is R$80 per night for couples. In this case, it is also worth remembering that the values depend on the time of year, included extras and type of accommodation. The important thing is to research the best place to stay on Ilha Grande that best fits your budget so that you leave the island with great memories!

Do you already know how to get to Vila do Abraão on Ilha Grande?

If you now have decided that Vila do Abraão is the best place to stay on Ilha Grande, do you know the best way to get there? First, you need to get to Conceição de Jacareí and from there take a speedboat or flexboat. In addition to being closer to the island (only 11 km away), the service from Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão offered by Travessia Ilha Grande is safe – our vessel is a FlexBoat, which is comfortable, stable, modern – and fast: it only takes 15 – 20 minutes.


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