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Ilha Grande Boat Schedules and Ticket Information

The boats to Ilha Grande from Conceição de Jacareí and the city of Angra dos Reis depart several times per day.  Here you will find up-to-date information about Ilha Grande boat schedules and online ticket reservations.

Travessia Ilha Grande offers speedboats that ferry people to the 3 major destinations on Ilha Grande – Vila do Abraão, Araçatiba, and Praia Vermelha.

As the island’s Portuguese name suggests, Ilha Grande is a big island. Therefore it is important that you take the best boat to Ilha Grande to avoid arriving at the wrong destination. If you do cross to another part of the island than intended, there are no roads or regularly departing boats to other settlements.



Find the perfect boat time then pre-book your ticket and receive a special online price when you reserve the return trip at the same time.

Choose the location below to see the boat schedules.

Transfer from Rio to Ilha Grande

Arrive on Ilha Grande on one of our daily shuttles or private vehicles. Upon arrival at the pier, you will receive your boat ticket for the next departure to Ilha Grande.

Transfer para Ilha Grande

Transfer from Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande

If you want to travel from Rio de Janeiro to Abraão, Araçatiba, or Praia Vermelha in Ilha Grande, we will pick you up on a shared or private transfer.

You can be collected from airports, hotels, or Airbnb apartments.

Transfer from Paraty to Ilha Grande

If you are in Paraty and want to get to Abraão on Ilha Grande, you can count on us for this service too!

There are several shared transfer departures per day, which will take you from the city of Paraty or nearby Jabaquara to Conceição de Jacareí and include your ticket to Vila do Abraão.

Choose Your Transfer!

Rio de Janeiro to Vila do Abraão

See transfer details

Rio de Janeiro to Araçatiba or Praia Vermelha

See transfer details

Paraty to Abraão

See transfer details

Special Ilha Grande Boat Prices

Lower your ticket cost and get the cheapest price on the internet when you book a roundtrip ticket.

These special prices are only available when booked directly on our website. Your total will be discounted at the time of check-out.

Cost of Ilha Grande boat ticket

This promotion will only be valid if you book the return ticket at the same time as the boat ticket for Ilha Grande.

When making your reservation, first choose a date for the trip to the island, and then you will discover the promotional price if you add the return ticket.

If you are travelling in a group, contact us for rates and better prices.

The best speedboats to Ilha Grande

Our service uses the best boats to Ilha Grande! The crossing is made in FlexBoats, which are known for their:

  • stability;
  • safety;
  • speed;

FlexBoats have inflatable tubes along the sides of the boat and a solid fiberglass hull. The hydrodynamics of this combination allows us to offer fast boat crossings to Ilha Grande while at the same time a smooth ride.


Serious Safety

Because of their high levels of buoyancy and low center of gravity Flex boats are virtually impossible to capsize. Even a puncture of the inflatable sides would not sink a FlexBoat because the hulls float unassisted. Our sailors have years of experience and the boats have life jackets for every passenger.


Frequently Ask Questions

Travessia Ilha Grande was born with the idea to allow the public to easily book tickets for the best boats to Ilha Grande. It was founded by two consolidated receptive tourism companies in South America, who felt the need to take their experience to the largest and most beautiful island in Rio de Janeiro.

Our aim is to provide you with excellent service in one of the most enchanting places in the world, allowing you to feel an incredible island vibe from the start of your stay to the finish.

  1. For cancellations up to 72 hours before the day of the service, the amount will be fully refunded or can be converted into a credit;
  2. Cancellations up to 24 hours before the day of the service, the amount will be refunded by 50% or transformed into a credit;
  3. Cancellations made on the day of the service or less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded;

It will be considered a NO SHOW when the passenger is not at the place and/or scheduled time. The service is fully charged and there is no obligation for us to reschedule the crossing;



Clients already booked, or who already have confirmed reservations by means of a deposit or full payment for the service, can reschedule their trip and convert the amount paid into credit according to the following rules:


  1. credit valid for up to 1 year, counting from the day of application.
  2. in the event of a down payment, the amount paid will be used to discount the payment for the service to be carried out. The amount will be deducted from the price of the service according to the new date.
  3. in case of full payment, the route of the service already contracted may be rescheduled, without being affected by the current prive for the new date of the trip, provided that it is used by the same number of people and for the same route.

Your ticket is online, and it will be generated at the time of your purchase. We will make a list with your name and identification code, so it is very important to fill in and verify your data at the time of purchase.  Because the ticket is digital, you do not need to use paper to print your ticket.

Are you ready to embark on your trip across to paradise? Then secure your spot right now by booking online with a discount for roundtrip tickets!

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