Boat tickets: prices and times to Ilha Grande

Are you going to visit Ilha Grande? Did you know you can book your Ilha Grande boat tickets in advance for departures from Conceição de Jacareí or Angra dos Reis?

With advance reservations, you guarantee your place on the boat, while avoiding the risk of having to wait at the pier for the next departure if seats sell out!

Take advantage of this opportunity and get your discounted tickets online now and discover the cheapest way to get to Ilha Grande!

Tickets Ilha Grande

Prices and times: Ilha Grande boat crossings

Check out our table and book your date and time for the fast ferries to Ilha Grande online with a discount:

Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão
Abraão to Conceição de Jacareí
Angra dos Reis to Abraão
Abraão to Angra dos Reis
Angra dos Reis to Araçatiba & Praia Vermelha
Araçatiba & Praia Vermelha to Angra dos Reis

Choose your best time for the fast ferries to Ilha Grande.

It is easy to book a round-trip ticket to Ilha Grande.

Simply choose the desired departure date and time to cross to the island and the date and time required to return to the mainland.

Don’t yet know your return date?

Do not worry! If you do not know your return date, you can enter any date and time and contact the boat company to confirm a different departure when you are sure (just remember that the reservation must be changed 24 hours in advance of the departure you choose!).

Why book your Ilha Grande boat tickets in advance?

We know how important it is to enjoy your vacation without worry and unforeseen circumstances.

For this very reason, booking your boat schedule to Ilha grande is important to lessen the chance of things going wrong.

It is best to have the ticket booked and the time scheduled before arriving in Conceição de Jacareí or Angra dos Reis. Thus, you guarantee that you will have the necessary time to reach the pier and make your crossing to Ilha Grande with peace of mind.

Leaving it to buy on the day you may find that the vessel is full, and you will need to wait at the pier until spaces become available on a future departure. Why take this risk?

You can book your ferry ticket to Abraão, Araçatiba & Praia Vermelha on Ilha Grande right now by clicking on one of the corresponding buttons above!

Frequently Asked Questions

After you reserve your Ilha Grande boat tickets online, it will be generated at the time of your purchase. When you arrive at the boat, the company responsible for your crossing will have your name and identification number on a list. It is very important to fill in and verify all your data at the time of purchase. You may show your confirmation on your phone, and therefore do not need to show a printed version of the ticket.

  1. For cancellations up to 72 hours before the day of the service, the amount paid will be fully refunded or it can be converted into credit for future use;

  2. For cancellations up to 24 hours before the day of the service, there will be a refund of 50% or the amount paid can be transformed into a credit;

  3. For cancellations made on the day of the service or in less than 24 hours in advance there will not be and refund;

  4. It is considered a NO SHOW when the passenger is not at the departure location at the scheduled time. There will be no refunds and there is no obligation to reschedule the crossing;


Clients who have already booked, or who already have a confirmed reservation by means of a deposit or full payment, can reschedule their trip and convert the amount they have paid into credit according to the following rules:

  1. credit valid for up to 1 year, counting from the day the reservation was made.
  2. in the event a deposit was paid, the amount will be deducted from a future reservation;
  3. in case of full payment, the ticket already contracted may be rescheduled for a new date of the trip, provided that it is used by the same number of people and for the same route.

If you realize you are going to miss your reserved departure, make contact with the boat company which features on your ticket as soon as possible and ask to change to a new departure time.

Each company has its own rules on changing tickets and you can read about what happens if you miss the boat in the policies located at the time of check-out.

In general, the companies will try to get you on the next available departure but are they not obliged to do so. In some cases, they may charge a small reticketing fee.

Important:  Be careful not to miss the last boat of the day, because it will only be possible to cross the next day, and you will have one less night in paradise.

After purchasing your Ilha Grande boat tickets, refunds may only be requested and confirmed by the channel where the ticket was purchased.

If you made a reservation through this website, write to Provide your reservation code in the title of the email.

For more information on refunds, see above in the question: What if I need to cancel my ticket?

Changing the date and/or time will only be possible up to 24 hours before the day and time of the contracted service, and is subject to availability on the day and time desired.

Cancelation of a departure due to bad conditions does not happen often, but all boats follow the orders of the port authority (the body responsible for navigation in the area).  Navigation is interrupted when the sea conditions are not safe.

The boat safety equipment is 100% inspected by the port authority and all boats must have life jackets for all passengers (individual protection), circular buoys (in case someone falls into the sea), radio communication (in case of emergency), and all the navigation signals working which is necessary for safe crossings.