Ferry Boats from Abraão to Conceição de Jacareí

Our ferry boats depart from the main pier of Abraão and travel 20 minutes across the sea to Conceição de Jacareí.  You can find us by identifying our staff on the pier who will be wearing their Travessia Ilha Grande t ́shirts.   We also have an agency not far from the pier on Rua Bouganville opposite the Havaianas store where you will our great staff ready to help you purchase your ferry boat ticket from Abraão on Ilha Grande to Conceição de Jacareí.

Transfers from Abraão including ferry boat tickets

Once you take our boat from Abraão to Conceição de Jacareí, the best way to get to either Rio or Paraty to take one of our transfers which include your boat and shuttle ticket.

Best Area to stay in Ilha grande

It is recommended to stay in Abraão on Ilha Grande simply because it is the principal town of the island, where you will find 90% of the hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, bars, and nightlife.  Most of the boats from the mainland also arrive at Abraão, and because there are no cars or roads on Ilha Grande which can take you to other areas of the island, it makes sense to stay within walking distance from the main pier.

Abraão is also the location where daily boats and tours depart to visit other parts of the island, but when you are not out exploring, Abraão is the best area to stay during your visit to Ilha Grande because there is more to do, especially at night.  If you want to get away from crowds there are also wonderful pousadas just outside the town which are in quiet and beautiful areas, as well as a quick boat ride to town when you need something.